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Imagine…to be able to work from home, hours that you want and with clients that you want. Is it possible? Yes!

Several years ago, when I started working as a virtual assistant, I didn’t know much about it.  I had to learn all the skills and find different ways to make it work. BUT now, I run a successful business from my own home working as a virtual assistant and I love it!

I want to help you to create a profitable business online, so that you can enjoy what you do best. I have put together this VA programme for you – to give you step by step guidelines on how to become a virtual assistant.

But first let me ask you these questions:

Have you been in business for more than a year and still struggling to make money?

Are you running a business or business is running you?

Are you seeing the results in your business that you want to see?

Are you working full time and juggling your everyday life.. BUT not making what you want?

This programme is great for all levels, whether you are just a beginner or an advanced person but would like to learn more about business online. Whether you want to create and start generating income OR maybe you would like to have more clients and make your practice full.

What is great about this programme is that you can fit it around YOUR own time. If you work full time or part time you still can join us and learn all the skills you need.

This is a PERFECT opportunity for everyone – PA, Mums, Dads, anyone who wants to work from home, spend the time with their families and still make money.

Here are some of the topics that we will cover:

Business Events:

  1. How to create your business conferences
  2. How to create your virtual events
  3. What equipment you need
  4. What microphones you need
  5. How to speak in front of the public

Social Media

  1. How to use tools like Hootsuite and MangeFlitter
  2. How to assist people
  3. How to schedule your updates
  4. How to support clients online

Online Management

  1. How to use Google Calendar
  2. How to use Google Documents
  3. How to share database
  4. How to use Aweber
  5. How to use Jing
  6. Everything about Dropbox
  7. Learn about cPanel
  8. How to use Teleseminar
  9. How to create video to gain visibility
  10. Paypal

… and a lot more!

Anyone can start their business online! Yes, ANYONE.

Are you ready to work with me for 1 month? If you are, I am delighted to say that you can ENROLL NOW!

I want to make sure everyone will get my 100% attention and that’s why we will have ONLY 50 people in our facebook private group and Q&A calls with me.

I can’t wait to start working with each of you! The class will start 7th January, 2013

P.S. I don’t want you to miss this AMAZING opportunity, so make sure you book your place TODAY!

Pay Full Amount Today $150.00


Pay Over 2 Months $75.00


 This Offer Is No Longer Available!

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